New Blues: Night Bluemers — ‘Welcome Aboard the Midnight Train’

The latest album from the Night Bluemers — Welcome Aboard the Midnight Train — is a journey worth taking. It’s a perfect disc to keep you warm during these cold winter night. The band is made up of six top blues artists from the contemporary Quebec blues scene: Christian Gamache (guitar), Jean Boudreau (bass), Jacques “Coco” Livernoche (drums), Pierre Verville (piano), and Normand “Bill” Béliveau (vocals/guitar). Each one is a master musician, and they blend into a unified musical voice brilliantly.

The songs are full of intricate rhythms leading to catchy hooks that grab hold of your soul and don’t let go. Who knew the blues could sound so fun? These guys are clearly here to have as much of a good time as you will while listening to them.

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