New Country — Morgan Wallen’s “Wasted On You”

New Country — Morgan Wallen’s “Wasted On You”

Our favorite country act, Morgan Wallen, of course, has just started 2022 off with a smoky song that will remind you of why you turn to a country music station when your soul needs a few minutes of clarity, even if it brings a little heartbreak. The new single, “Wasted on You,” is co-written by Morgan Wallen, Ernest K. Smith, Ryan Vojtesak and Josh Thompson.

It’s a contemplative, brooding track, allowing Wallen to sing with a stunning amount of honesty about the time wasted on a lost love:

All of this time and all of this money

All of these sorrys I don’t owe you honey

All of these miles on this Chevy and prayers in a pew

All them days I spent wasted on you

Wasted on you

What else besides a failed relationship, and its lingering loss, could inspire a song where there lyric “wasted” has a double meaning?

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