New Country: Easton Corbin — “I Can’t Decide”

Hitting the radio airwaves April 29th, Easton Corbin‘s new single, “I Can’t Decide,” is another song that’ll have you reaching to turn up the volume. Now on Stone Country Records, Easton Corbin is as consistently country as ever. After staying inside for the past couple of years, this one will inspire you to go out. Hallelujah!

“I Can’t Decide” is likely to return Easton to the top of the country charts. With a driving beat that keeps things solid, the song takes advantage of Easton’s natural tendency toward easy, breezy delivery. He still has that quality that makes it all sound so free. If it sounds familiar, it’s not. It’s just that it sounds like a top country radio hit should sound. In other words, you’ll be wanting to sing along with it the first time you hear it. There’s something about Easton’s talent for finding ways to keep traditional country fresh that is deserving of attention. Only when one has mastered the art of authentic country music can they truly bring something new to it. And Easton does. He communicates so much more than just notes when he sings and plays. He transmits the heart and soul of a song, but also the sheer joy of country music.

Easton Corbin is currently on the road (with Cody Johnson) with dates booked throughout the summer and into the fall. Go enjoy him live, in concert. No one does it better.

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