New Country: Alex Miller – ‘Miller Time’

Summer’s finally here, and if you want the perfect album to kick it off, especially an authentically country album, then you could definitely say it’s Miller time! Alex Miller, that is. Not afraid to actually sound country, he’s just released an album that is drenched in country instrumentation but that also showcases his musical versatility — from bluegrass to gospel to swing — and every track brings a smile.

Released on Billy Jam Records, Miller Time is ten very satisfying tracks (eight original songs and two covers — “Freeborn Man” and Hank Williams’ “I’m Gonna Sing”) from Alex Miller, whom you’ll recognize as the Kentucky teen whom I wanted to win American Idol Season 19. The album is solidly produced by Jerry Salley, and on it Miller is accompanied by some of the best musicians around: Brent Mason (Electric Guitar), Mike Johnson (Steel Guitar), Jason Roller (Acoustic Guitar/Fiddle), Robb Tripp (Drums), Kevin Grantt (Bass), Dirk Johnson (Keyboard), and Jerry Salley (Background vocals).

On American Idol Miller vowed never to stray from his country roots, and for that, we are thankful. His vocals impart all of his charm, his sense of humor, and his dependability. He’s one of those singers that country songs love. From the first note, no matter which song, he establishes himself as a trustworthy narrator. It is this comfortable, grounded, and genuine quality that defines Alex Miller as one of today’s top country artists whose songs come directly from the heart.

Give this album a listen and see if you don’t fall in love with country music all over again.

Miller Time Track List:
1. Breaking The Bank (A. Miller / J. Salley)
2. Through With You (A. Miller / J. Salley)
3. Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya (B. Whyte / P. Bogart / D. S. Wilson)
4. Girls Must Be Clumsy (A. Miller / J. Salley)
5. Kentucky’s Never Been This Far From Tennessee (J. Salley / C.A. Wilburn / K. Miller)
6. I’m Over You, So Get Over Me (A. Miller)
7. Boys In Uniform (J. McBride / M. Findley / D. Ruttan)
8. I’m Done (A Miller. / J. Salley)
9. Freeborn Man (M. Lindsay / K. Allison)
10. I’m Gonna Sing (H. Williams)

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