New Blues: Randy McAllister — ‘Power Without Power’

Harmonica. Breath. Truth. 

Texas blues artist Randy McAllister‘s latest album — Power Without Power — is much more than just a collection of mostly unplugged blues. It is a study of that which is essential in true blues… and nothing extra, or unnecessary. With the superb delivery of his expressive vocals, McAllister offers as much soul as he does blues. The way his performance, especially instrumentally speaking, cuts through to the emotional core is breathtaking.

Randy McAllister has an uncanny ability to craft a song so that it is endlessly inventive and, thus, endlessly entertaining. He is, at times — and often at the same time — a narrator, a confessor, a reporter, a therapist, and a much-needed loyal friend.

An interesting experiment would be to produce another, electric, version of this album. The material is certainly strong enough to withstand another take.

Label: Reaction Records

1. Surprise!!! (5:12)
2. Face First (3:30)
3. (Somebody) Ease My Troublin’ Mind (4:44)
4. Envy’s Embrance (4:05)
5. Son (4:12)
6. Sweet Spot (3:36)
7. C’mon Brothers And Sisters (5:25)
8. Not Everybody Leaves (Her Words) (5:47)
9. Clear My Head (3:44)
10. Donnie Downer (4:40)
11. Like Nothing Else (4:16)

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