New Blues: Johnny Sansone — ‘Into Your Blues’

With eleven original songs, representing the best of contemporary Blues, Johnny Sansone returns to the music that inspired him to become a blues artist. The songs on Into Your Blues may be new, but the album is as classic as can be. The singer/harmonica player and his band take us on a thoroughly satisfying journey through swampy, soulful destinations, and delivers us to musical stops that are hoped for as well as unexpected.

Sansone’s grooves have a sultry, steamy, slightly out-of-line quality that is refreshing as hell. They are, like life, a bit messy in a way that reminds you that the best music — even on a disc — is alive.

Musicians: Johnny Sansone (vocals, harmonica, resonator guitar), Mike Morgan (electric guitar), Johnny Burgin (electric guitar), Jeffrey Bridges (bass guitar), John Milham (drums), Ton Worell (piano), Chris Spies (b3 organ), Brad Walker (tenor & baritone sax, Tiffany Pollock (backing vocals), Steve Lands (trumpet), Michael Sinkus (congos, bongos, tambourine).

  1. Into Your Blues
  2. Pay For This Song
  3. Desperation
  4. Blowin’ Fire (with Jason Ricci)
  5. Willie’s Juke Joint (with Little Freddie King)
  6. People Like You And Me
  7. The Getaway
  8. New Crossroads
  9. Something Good Going On
  10. Single Room
  11. Southern Dream

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