New Country Music: Brett Eldredge — ‘Songs About You’

Brett Eldredge — Songs About You

Label: Warner Music Nashville

Songs About You, the latest album from Brett Eldredge reflects all of us — the highs, the lows, the craziness, the moments of sanity. The highly-anticipated collection of songs released this week covers it all, so take a journey from track number one through track number twelve and get to know Eldredge (and maybe even yourself) a little better.

‘Cause sometimes they make me dance
Sometimes they make me cry
Sometimes they make wish
That I had never said goodbye
Now I’m just tryna get through
These songs about

From “Songs About You” (Songwriters: Benjamin West / Brett Ryan Eldredge / Jessie Jo Dillon)

For a country album, from a guy, it’s a fairly vulnerable album. Eldredge covers as much emotional territory and depth as the varied musical choices. He puts his vocals forward in a way that he hasn’t for a while. In doing so, he evokes such legendary crooners from an earlier era as Frank Sinatra and, one of the unappreciated greats of country music, Ray Charles.

Credit goes to producers Nathan Chapman, Mark Trussell, Dave Cobb and Jordan Reynolds for the consistently high production quality throughout, and to songwriting collaborator Heather Morgan as well. Together, they’ve created an album that reintroduces Brett Eldredge as the leading man of contemporary music.

Track List:

  1. Can’t Keep Up
  2. Songs About You
  3. I Feel Fine
  4. What Else Ya Got
  5. Hideaway
  6. Get Out Of My House
  7. Home Sweet Love
  8. Want That Back
  9. Wait Up For Me
  10. Where Do I Sign
  11. Holy Water
  12. Where The Light Meets The Sea

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