Brother-and-Sister Duo Juna N Joey Release “More Than a Maybe”

I’ve been following this sibling country-pop duo for a few years now, so it is rewarding to witness the continued success of Juna N Joey. They have just released a catchy new track, More Than A Maybe,” and it’s available on all streaming platforms today. 

Written by Juna N Joey, Bill DiLuigi, and Kayliann Lowe, “More Than A Maybe” captures the excitement of starting to fall for someone new. Throughout the song, the narrator shares how he will need to work up the courage to approach the girl he likes and how he wonders if she feels the same way.

The upbeat track features an infectious melody and a rocking groove with a guitar solo towards the end of the song. It also highlights the respective vocal abilities of both Joey and Juna, including Joey’s rich vocals and Juna’s versatile vocal range. In addition to their individual voices, the duo’s signature smooth harmonies shine throughout the track.

Joey shared the inspiration behind the song, explaining, “As a guy, it takes courage to ask a girl out on a date and face potential rejection. But, on the other hand, if you really like someone, you have to just do it and ask them out. Usually, you are hoping that that person feels the same way  even if it is just ‘more than a maybe’!”

Juna added her interpretation of the song, saying, “This song is about asking that special  someone out on a date, and you are hoping they don’t say no, but you may not be ready for a yes,  so you are hoping that their response is ‘more than a maybe!’” The song will appear on the duo’s upcoming EP, due out later this summer.

Juna N Joey is currently touring Europe for performances at major festivals and exciting venues throughout the summer.

Originally from West Palm Beach, FL, and now Nashville recording artists, Juna N Joey has developed a loyal following after posting unique and entertaining covers on YouTube, earning over 8.1 million collective views. Their sound is described as modern country. Juna cites Kelsea Ballerini, Runaway June, Carly Pearce, and Lady A as influences, while Joey has been inspired by Parker McCollum, Luke Combs, Ernest, and Hardy, among others.

Juna, at 17, is a charismatic singer-songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned professional. In addition to singing, she also plays acoustic guitar, piano, and keyboard in her band. She first started developing her songwriting skills at the tender age of 11.

Joey, at 19, is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice. He is also a multi-instrumentalist,  playing the lead guitar and piano in their band.

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