New Americana/Blues: Todd Sharpville — ‘Medication Time’

Todd Sharpville — Medication Time

Label: Dixiefrog

Medication Time, the latest album from British guitarist/singer/songwriter Todd Sharpville, explores a period of his life 16 years ago when the stress of a messy breakup resulted in a breakdown and a two-month stay in a mental hospital in West Wales.

Besides all that, it’s also a seriously good time — exciting writing, solid musicianship and deft production values that all add up to a highly satisfying experience.

The album includes nine originals and 3 covers. My personal favorite track is “God Loves A Loser.” It’s a tour de force of guitar work and a song that reaches provocative truths. Powerful stuff that exceeds even its own ambitious grasp.

Who knows what lies ahead. Whatever it is, I’ll have this disc on the ready-to-reach-in-an-emergency stack. Here’s to knowing the difference between “handling” things and “dealing with” them, and to the survival that comes from it… and to an artist who knows how to transform it and share it with the world.

1. Walk Out In The Rain
2. Get Outta My Way
3. Tangled Up In Thought
4. House Rules
5. Brothers From Another Mother
6. Medication Time
7. God Loves A Loser
8. Money For Nothing
9. Silhouettes
10. Stand Your Ground
11. Red Headed Woman
12. I Don’t Need To Know Your Name

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