New Blues/Rock: Brad Asher — ‘Tulsa Tea’

Brad Asher and the Superials — Tulsa Tea

Label: Horton Records

Brad Absher and the Superials have delivered an authoritative collection of blues/rock performances on their latest album, Tulsa Tea. Brad Absher and band — Dylan Layton (bass), Matt Martin (drums), Jake Hemphill (guitar), EZ Mireless (keys) and Danny Timms (keys), and Brianna Wright and Charlie Redd (vocals) — seem to specialize in that particular type of song that you just wish would play on and on and on. There’s an instant connection between Absher’s trustworthy vocals and your soul. He has the ability to provoke, release, and soothe all at once.

The Tulsa i the album’s title derives from Absher and company having recorded these tracks in the Tulsa studio of the late, legendary Leon Russell’s. The vibe is clearly present in every note. The musician’s expressiveness is matched by their easy, at-home, quality. They seem to be playing for themselves and for each other. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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