New Country: Rusty Tinder — ‘Alchemy Road’

Rusty Tinder — Alchemy Road

(To be released: July 29, 2022)

Rusty Tinder-lead vocals, piano, harmonium | Mike Cionni-acoustic guitar, background vocals | Blake English-electric guitar, banjo | Paul Allen-drums | Gregg Reeves-bass | Julie Push-fiddle, violin, viola, vocals | Kahlil Sabbaugh-percussionist | John Fricke-trumpet | Chris Tedesco-trumpet, flugal, horn and trombone | David Silverman-Tuba

Rusty Tinder’s latest album, Alchemy Road, is a collection of stories and sentiments that covers significant territory — both musically and emotionally. It’s a superb album that leads with grace and the authority. Luxurious production values wrap each song in that which most specifically supports its message. The musical surprises along the way — in instrumentation and arrangement — are constantly captivating.

There’s an inner yearning to these songs that cannot be ignored. The subtext to most of the material is a celebration of music’s ability to transform situations, relationships, and perhaps more. So here’s to country/Americana music’s particular capacity to make things clearer, more coherent, and, yes, better.

Alchemy Road is an album that lets you know, from the first chord, that you are in the hands of a band who are here to plays songs that are true, songs that will connect with your heart and your soul — songs that might leave you changed for the better from just having heard them.

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