New Country (Single): Robby Johnson — “If I Ever Was A Cowboy”

That look in his eye pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Robby Johnson. It isn’t that he knows how good he is… it’s simply that he is that good, and there’s just no denying it. Ample confidence never harmed the career of a talented, rising country star, so Robby Johnson is bound to become one of the main attractions on the country concert circuit soon.

Doubt it? Give his new single, “If I Ever Was A Cowboy” a listen. Johnson’s trustworthy and incredibly comfortable vocal delivery fits the song perfectly. He’s got a relaxed style that keeps you wanting to listen, and he rewards you with a catchy song that checks off all of the boxes in most of our contemporary cowboy fantasies. The song is solid traditional country music that will put you in a cowboy state of mind until at least the end of the summer. The song is so successful that it will likely inspire you to check out his full album, Alive Right Now. After all, nothing sounds better that an artist who has what it takes to be livin’ his dream.

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