New Blues: Al Basile — ‘Through With Cool’

When eight-time Blues Music Award-nominated singer/songwriter/cornetist Al Basile sings, “I’m through with cool, I can’t be cool no more,” don’t believe it. He will release his latest CD, Through with Cool, on Sweetspot Records (distributed by City Hall Records) on August 19, 2022. Having heard the album’s 14 original songs, I’m here to say that “cool” is one thing he definitely is. He has a relaxed composure that guides each song to its logical and utmost excellent destination. Basile proves that being the master of the music is to get out of the way and let the song do the work. Of course, it helps that he’s working with such high quality material. There’s a bonus in the disc’s booklet — a few words of Basile’s about each song. He adds context to his art, which isn’t necessary, but is always enlightening.

The album overflows with pieces of truth passing through the air as poetry and notes making perfect sense. If the song “Couldn’t Live With It” stays in my head all day, I won’t complain.

On the album, Al Basile (vocals and cornet) is joined by Bruce Bears (keyboards), Brad Hallen (bass), Mark Teixeira (drums), Doug James (tenor sax), Jeff “Doc” Chanonhouse (trumpet), and Kid Andersen (guitar).

Track Listing

1.   Keep on Living   

2.   My Hero                      

3.   I’m Waiting                

4.   Say My Name

5.   Two Legged Mule

6.   Take your Time

7.   Couldn’t Live With It

8.   Not Anyplace at All

9.   We Belong Together

10. Uh Huh

11. Turnabout is Fair Play

12. You Better Change Your Tune

13. We Lie on Your Grave

14. Through with Cool

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