New Blues: John Primer — ‘Hard Times’

“The name of my new CD reflects the world we’re living in today. I recorded this CD to help us get through these really hard times.” (John Primer)

Release date: 9/16/22

Want to hear a blues band in tenacious, top form? John Primer’s new album, Hard Times, is a 13-track collection of the most resilient blues you could ever hope to hear. And, boy, could we use them.

Featuring John Primer’s ‘Real Deal Blues Band’ (John Primer – guitar & vocals, Steve Bell – harmonica, Dave Forte – bass, and Lenny Media – drums), the songs are all written (and no doubt experienced to some degree) by John Primer. That explains the exuberance and genuineness that flies off of every track.

The entire album (produced, recorded, and mixed by Rick Barnes) is an exceptional example of the vibrancy of Chicago blues, and living proof that they are in good hands these days. Primer’s driving, rhythmic approach is supported by fellow players who make it clear that every line and every note in the blues have a meaning. Especially satisfying are Steve Bell’s harmonica solos throughout the album.

John Primer’s blues live at the junction of feisty, unapologetic, and indomitable. What you’ll discover when you spend some time there is healing.

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