New Retro R&B: The Hungry Williams — ‘Let’s Go!’

Label: Rochelle Records

The Hungry Williams‘ new album — Let’s Go! — will transport your soul. They are Milwaukee-based, but their swinging performance will take you back to 1950s New Orleans… specifically, at a jukebox, in a friendly roadhouse bar, with many excellent songs to choose from. It’s a welcome sojourn that delivers the essence of R&B, in all of its powerfully streamlined directness.

The Hungry Williams is: Kelli Gonzalez (Lead Vocals), Mike Sieger (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Joe Vent (Guitar, Vocals), Jack Stewart (Keyboards, Vocals), and John Carr (Drums). These are players who love to play, supporting a singer who clearly loves to sing.

There are ten inspiring songs on he album — five originals and five covers. My personal favorite in the collection is “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show,” a reality-soaked torch song that allows Kelli Gonzalez to display her deep determination to keep her own flame lit. Or maybe it’s “Ooh Wow,” a rousing song that benefits from the percussive groove it maintains and adorns with instrumental solos, as well as Joe Vent’s playful lead vocals. Both are home run interpretations that illustrate the versatility of The Hungry Williams. Besides all of the wonderful interplay between the band, the main takeaway from Let’s Go! is a really good time. One listen to the album will have you thinking that perhaps it’s time to throw a party and share it.

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