New Music: Marcus Mumford — ‘(Self-Titled)’

Marcus Mumford has released a series of songs he probably never expected to share. Thank you, Mr. Mumford. These are songs that will resonate with millions. To title the project (Self-Titled) is brave and artistically accurate. It is a bold move, and it is worthy of all the attention it will receive.

In these songs, Mr. Mumford doesn’t just deal with the past — he applies that painful knowledge to his self-understanding of more recent behavior. As for the album’s inspiration, I’ll leave the psychological unpacking to the YouTube comments section (worth reading, by the way), and I’ll assess the music itself. The compositions capture precisely the multiple readings the lyrics suggest, while organizing profoundly emotional thoughts into a winning arguments. The power of the guitar strums, as Marcus Mumford erupts in “Cannibal,” is an exhilarating reminder of the healing power of music.

As might be expected from the frontman for Mumford and Sons. these songs are gorgeous aural experiences. The album’s producer is Blake Mills, and the collaborating musicians include drummer Jim Keltner, bassist Pino Palladino, and Sounwave.

The final track on the album, co-written with Brandi Carlile, offers solutions for the soul that could soothe in many situations for many listeners. Do not discount the seconds of silence that end the work, for they are a necessary component. Not talking about a personal matter for many years does not mean the subject is not being carried around. In this case, the revealing act has relied on an excavated past, which has resulted in a state of grace.

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