New Folk/Americana: Ethan Daniel Davidson — ‘Stranger’

Label: Blue Arrow Records

Ethan Daniel Davidson knows how to establish a mood, how to sustain it, and how to explore every emotional space in it. He knows how to create and inhabit a musical world that makes total emotional sense to the listener. He does this on his new album, Stranger. His luminous vocals take the listener on an evocative inner journey, and musically and lyrically is a total unified experience

Stranger features Ethan Daniel Davidson – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, national steel guitar, cat-gut banjo, moog, Hammond organ, harmonium; Gretchen Gonzales – electric guitar, electric sitar, vocals; Warren Defever – harmonium, tanpura; Joey Mazzola – electric guitar; Jordan Schug – bass guitar; Scott Michalski – drums; Steve Nistor – drums; Pete Ballard – pedal steel; Julie Banjamin Peterhans – vocals; and Kara Meister – vocals.

Stranger is Davidson’s 12th album, and was produced by his wife Gretchen Gonzales and Warren Defever. The album proves that Davidson’s gifts as a folk musician and poet are as potent as ever.

Track listing:

  1. Even Bad Seeds
  2. My Jail
  3. Oh I
  4. Let There Be More Light
  5. My Train Got Lost
  6. Dink’s Farewell
  7. All The Pretty Little Horses
  8. There Was a Famine in the House of Bread

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