New Blues: Rory Block — ‘Ain’t Nobody Worried’

There’s always a feeling of immense anticipation when Rory Block releases a new album. Her latest, Ain’t Nobody Worried, does not disappoint. There simply is no blues guitarist and singer around who covers as much territory (musically and emotionally) and with as much artistry as Ms. Block. She has an authority that allows her to interpret classic material while still leaving her own distinctive imprint on it.

Ain’t Nobody Worried: Celebrating Great Women of Song, produced by Rory and Rob Davis, is the third in her series “Powerhouse Women of the Blues” series. In this series, she pays tribute to the seeming entirety of the female blues experience. The first two albums were just as outstanding as her latest release. This collection of songs allows her to explore songs that will likely be a little more familiar to her audiences than the previous material in the series.

On this album, Rory Block gets to know songs associated with Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Carole King, Etta James, Gladys Knight, Koko Taylor, and others. All written by women. These are songs that you might secretly have fantasized about hearing Rory Block. Well, Christmas came early, and this album is a forever celebration.

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