New Jazz: Michael Kaeshammer — ‘The Warehouse Sessions’

Michael Kaeshammer — The Warehouse Sessions

When I sat down this evening to listen to jazz pianist Michael Kaeshammer’s new album, The Warehouse Sessions, I found myself wishing I had put it on as soon as my day began. I would have loved listening to it all day long. It’s a collection of invigorating performances of classic songs, all delivered with an air of impromptu playfulness. Perhaps it’s because the “Charlie Brown” Halloween time of year is approaching, but I can’t help thinking of Vince Guaraldi when my ears connect with Kaeshammer’s charming-yet-urbane style.

The highlight of the album for me is the intelligent and thorough exploration of the Duke Ellington’s “Caravan.” The incredible way the trio has of listening to each other while playing brings the song to new depths. The musicians’ connection to each other allows for an exhilarating experience.

Kaeshammer kicks off several tracks with a “you are there” commentary to the two musicians who match his excellent level of play note for note — bassist David Piltch and drummer Johnny Vidacovich. The approach keeps things light and spirited. What follows are exquisite musical choices and copacetic musicianship. Wherever they recorded these tracks is definitely a room where you want to linger longer.

If you are in the mood to let music do what it does best, this is the album for you.

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