New Holiday Music: Handsome and the Humbles — ‘That’s A Mitzvah!’

“A Holiday’s a fine time for a mitzvah… whether you’re a Gentile or a Jew!”

If you’ve been thinking that it’s about time someone came out with a new Jewish-Appalachian holiday song, you’re in luck. We can thank the band Handsome and the Humbles for answering our prayers. They’ve released the song “That’s A Mitzvah!” just in time. It’s a song, full of love and humor, that celebrates the spirit of kindness at the center of the holiday season.

Written by Joshua Mikhael Smith, the song features Josh Smith (acoustic guitar, bass, vocals), Josh Hutson (electric guitar, vocals), Evie Andrus (fiddle), Rubie Hutson (gang vocals), and Jett Hutson (gang vocals).

Be a mensch and give this song a listen. It’ll make the very welcome New Year hurry up and get here sooner.

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