New Blues: Blue Moon Marquee — ‘Scream, Holler & Howl’

There’s something undeniably sophisticated about the soulful growl and wail of A.W. Cardinal on Scream, Holler & Howl, the latest release from blues duo Blue Moon Marquee. It’s an album that transports the listener to other dimensions, and Mr. Cardinal is a trustworthy tour guide through the musical carny underground terrain. All in all, it’s a musical thrill ride so entertaining that you’ll want to get back in line and gladly repeat the entire experience. Jasmine Colette, who shares vocal storytelling duties, is equally as enthralling. Together, they weave a dramatic spell that never lets up.

Making this moody, swinging, smoldering music, along with Colette and Cardinal are: Duke Robillard (guitar), Darcy Phillips (piano, organ), Jerry Cook (saxophone), Matt Pease (drums), Paul Pigat (guitar), Bonnie Northgraves (trumpet), and Señor Erik (tambourine). Together, they play unfailingly original music, with a style as memorable as it is unique.

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