New Roots Rock: Justin Saladino Band — ‘Honest Lies’

Honest Lies, the new album from Montreal-based blues/rock guitarist, and songwriter, Justin Saladino is out now. It suggests that the band has continued its evolution into the roots-rock and blues realm. Saladino’s guitar playing has a free, expansive style that works well by contrasting the song’s compact lyrics.

The ten original songs on the album explore themes of honesty — both personally and politically. The most impressive aspect of the project is the overall performance that the band delivers. While Saladino’s bluesy vocals lead the way, each instrumentalist is equally as present and important to each track. Given how the album spotlights each musician’s virtuosic quality, one can only deduce that Justin Saladino is a heck of a band leader.

The album was recorded at Tone Bender Studios in Saladino’s hometown of Montreal, and is infused with a warmth and reverb that comes from the vintage analog gear that the band used during the sessions. H

Justin Saladino (vocals, guitars), Denis Paquin (drums, percussion), Gabriel Forget (bass), Gabriel Bertrand Gagnon (keys), Courtney Fox (background vocals), Melissa Pacifico (background vocals), Brittany Kennell (background vocals), Ariel Posen (background vocals, baritone guitar).

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