New Blues/Soul/Rock Sax: Eric Demmer — ‘So Fine’

It’s all about the song. Well, it’s all about how the band plays that song. Alright, alright… technically, it’s all about the effect the band has on the listener. And, using that criterion, Eric Demmer‘s new album — So Fine — is powerful stuff. I dare you to play these twelve tracks and not get moving.

For the record, the lineup of consummate musicians making So Fine so fine is: Eric Demmer (vocals and saxophone), Shawn Allen (B3 organ), Jordan Almes (drums), Fernando Castillo (trumpet), Melanie Covington (background vocals), Dennis Delfino (bass), Danielle Demmer (vocals), Jerre Jackson (drums), Darrell Lacy (background vocals), Darrell Lavigne (keyboards), Rick Marcel (rhythm guitar), Mark May (guitar), Carlos Sosa (horns), John Del Toro Richardson (guitar), Hugo Rodriguez (guitar), Barry Seelen (keyboards), Raul Vallejo (horns), and Mike Zito (special guest vocals).

Eric Demmer has made high energy blues/soul/rock music for years with some of the best in contemporary blues, including Mike Zito, and B.B. King. On this, his debut solo album, he continues with the versatility that has made him such a sought after musician for over 3 decades. Check out track five — “I’m a Guitar Player” — for his highly listenable manifesto.

What I love about this album is that it is kind of all over the musical map. The rock licks are as impressive as the jazz riffs are authentic. There’s something for everyone, which creates an impression that Eric Demmer loves music with his entire soul. The result is an album that continually surprises and excites.

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