New Americana: Peach and Quiet — ‘Beautiful Thing’

Peach and Quiet, is “a partnership in music, romance and life from the lushly forested and rocky shores of Pender Island, just off Canada’s west coast.” The touching duo (Heather Read and Jonny Miller) have released their latest album, Beautiful Thing, and their music is as alluring as their official description. If you appreciate solid musicianship, inviting ideas, destined-to-be-together harmonies, all together in some of the strongest poetry you can hope to discover, this album is for you. What’s most remarkable is the consistently high quality of the total album, track after highly listenable track.

Peach and Quiet features Jonny Miller (vocals, guitar), Heather Read (vocals, guitar), Steve Dawson (guitars), Jeremy Holmes (bass), Gary Craig (drums), and Chris Gestrin (keyboards). They each represent an important strand that weaves together, each one in support of the others while also taking the time to offer their own unique gift, in a musical tapestry that is bound to be your favorite listening experience of 2023 so far.

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