New Blues/Rock: Sam Morrow — “Addicted To Love” (single)

When is a cover of a classic song just as good as the original? Not often enough. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the new single released by Sam Morrow. His take on “Addicted to Love” (produced by Eric Corne) is a close to definitive as a cover can get.

The track features Scott Sharrard (guitar), Butch Norton (drums), Ted Russell Kamp (bass), Sasha Smith (keyboards), Mark Pender (trumpet), David Ralicke (saxophone), and background vocalist Gia Ciambotti.

Listening to this version, there’s no doubt that everyone involved were fans of Robert Palmer. It’s a tribute in the best way — it stands on its own without diminishing the power of the original.

(As I post this YouTube link below, I see that so far there have been three views. Let’s hope that number rises significantly, thus making the world a happier place!

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