New Music: Brandy Clark — “Buried” (single)

It’s a simple song. The best ones often are. It speaks in a melancholy voice, with hushed tones aiming directly to the heart. Let’s face it — when a song begins with “I’ll fly myself to France, first class, New York to Paris… get drunk on wine, and dance, someone who ain’t embarrassed…”, you know you’re in for a devastatingly effective time.

The song is “Buried.” It is the single from Brandy Clark’s upcoming album (due on May 19). If the rest of the album is anywhere as good as this, we are in for another level of amazing from Clark.

On the song, Brandy Clark pairs with Brandi Carlile (producer) and it is a perfect match. While Clark effortlessly winds her way through the song with her signature fingerstyle guitar playing, her vocals hover just above, like a guiding light. This is a song built one layer at a time, without any unnecessary elements. It’s the epitome of economy providing abundance. The emotion captured is raw. The song is refined. Bring on the complete album!

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