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New Music: Speech Acrobats (Music & Poetry by Fella Cederbaum)

Multimedia artist Fella Cederbaum is a writer, a director, a painter, a filmmaker, and an artist who is brave enough to be an original. For that alone, she deserves our admiration… especially since her art is aimed at embracing reality.

Although I’m uncertain about future desires to play Speech Acrobats again and again, I must admit that listening to it just once was more engaging than hearing the Top 100 week after week. This collection of poetry and music from Fella Cederbaum is a wonderful full course serving of truths and observations. Instincts tell me that future listenings will inspire new ideas each and every time. After all, asking the tough questions seems so unfashionable these days. But one bold imagination can change all that. So here’s to Speech Acrobats, the fuel for the engine on the road to self discovery.

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