New Jazz: Chembo Corniel Quintet — ‘Artistas, Músicos Y Poetas’

Artistas, Músicos y Poetas is Chembo Corniel’s sixth album under his record company Chemboro Records, Inc. Everything about this project is extraordinary. The material, the structure, the consummate musicianship, and the album art (by Andres Chaparro and Charlie Rosario) all contribute beautifully to Corniel paying homage to his musical roots. It is a highly satisfying result.

If the stars align, there is a moment when an artist produces a work that transcends anything they’ve done before. This is the case with Chembo Corniel Quintet’s Artistas, Músicos y Poetas. The newly-released album is a masterwork. It conveys as much depth as it does breadth, and every moment captured is well worth exploring. The glorified rhythyms alone make this collection of nine tracks a must-hear. When there is this much respect for the past, the future continues to look bright.

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