Judi Dench’s Exits & Entrances: A Celebration Of Shakespeare

Exits and Entrances commemorates the 400th anniversary on April 23rd 2017 of the death of the world’s most celebrated playwright William Shakespeare. The recording comprises readings of many of the most well known and best-loved verse and sonnets from the world’s finest playwright, with specially scored original light classical music accompanying nine of the twenty … Continue reading


New Country-Americana: (Former Navy Seal) Pete Scobell Band’s ‘Walkin A Wire’

Pete Scobell Band — ‘Walkin’ A Wire’ Label: FrogBonz Entertainment LLC It’s as if the young Tim McGraw actually went and fulfilled all of his promise as an authentic country singer, instead of just becoming a well-groomed “brand.” Yep, that’s the kind of exciting it is to listen to singer/songwriter Pete Scobell (and Band) as they … Continue reading