New Single: Paul Mark — ‘Heart Full Of Soul’

Paul Mark — ‘Heart Full Of Soul’

The song selection is a little surprising at first. I consider Paul Mark to be such a highly original artist that, for his latest recording project, his making the choice to cover “Heart Full of Soul” (originally a hit in 1965 for The Yardbirds) was a head-scratcher.

At first.

Then I listened to it. And again.  Exceptional production values drew me back. After giving it a chance (not a bad way to approach art, y’all) I admit that I  love this version. The fuzzy guitar fog that the song inhabits adds layers of brooding to the original and successfully stradles the past and the present. Some of the expected harmonies may be missing, but they are replaced by a song that just might have a criminal history. Well worth turning up.

To purchase this bad-ass song on CDbaby, click here.

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