New Bluegrass: Nu-Blu — ‘Vagabonds’

Nu-Blu — Vagabonds

Label: Voxhall Records
The Bluegrass/Americana group Nu-Blu has released their new album, Vagabonds (their sixth studio album). It overflows with heart and harmony. The lead single, “Still Small Voice,” features Country Music Hall of Fame singer Jimmy Fortune. Like nearly every track, the single is thoughtful and inspiring, create a highly satisfying experience. What separates Nu-Blu from so many other bluegrass bands out there is their uncanny sense of restraint; they always leave you wanting more.

Strong in story songs, the album fully conveys the power of bluegrass to touch upon character, emotion, situation and something eternal, all by letting the band establish their ability to levitate as an ensemble and then letting each individual taking to ocassional flight. The low point (lyrically speaking) is the simplistic “A Lot More Love.” The song’s reductive quality seems left over from a well-meaning 1980s Kathy Mattea album. In 2017, without a new way to say it, it is sadly inneffectual. The performance of the song, however, is impeccable.

On the whole, this is a very successful project that will please fans of the group, and surely create new followers for them, as well. Nu-Blu consists of Carolyn Routh (crystalline lead vocals), Daniel Routh, TJ Honaker and Clint White.

Essential Downloads: “The Bridges That You’ve Burned,” “Still Small Voice,” “Troublemaker,” “Gypsies On Parade.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

Vagabonds Tour Dates:
May 05 – Wauseon, Ohio – McCance Cabin Concerts
May 06 – Howard City, Mich. – Zellie’s Opry House
May 13 – Culpeper, Va. – Peace, Love and Bluegrass
May 27 – Grafton, Ohio – Grafton Fair
Jun 09 – Valdese, N.C. – Family Friday Nights
Jun. 13 – Tucson, Ariz. – The Big Bluegrass Show
Jun. 16-17 – Victorville, Calif. – Route 66 Bluegrass Festival
Jun. 23 – Susanville, Calif. – Susanville Bluegrass Festival
Jun. 24 – Cumberland Gap, Tenn. – White Lightning Festival
Jun. 25 – Susanville, Calif. – Susanville Bluegrass Festival
Jul. 15 – Selma, N.C. – Rudy Theater
Jul. 22 – Ramseur, N.C. – Summer Concert Series
Jul. 29 – Nashville, Tenn. – WSM Midnite Jamboree
Aug. 04 – Glenwood Springs, Colo. – Garfield County Fair
Aug. 19-20 – San Diego, Calif. – Summergrass
Aug. 25 – Poway, calif. – San Diego Folk Heritage Concert
Aug. 27 – Escondido, Calif. – Two Worlds Connect

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