New Country: Rick Monroe — ‘Gypsy Soul’

Rick Monroe — Gypsy Soul

Release date: May 12, 2017 (to pre-order, click here)

This six-track EP is a great introduction to Rick Monroe’s skills as a singer and songwriter. It’s a journey that visits just about every facet of his musical soul, and with sumptuous results.

If you long for a country song that easily absorbs the best of rock and pop atmospheres, then you’ll love the music that Rick Monroe makes. Each track instantly establishes the color and feel of the sweet, satisfying minutes that will follow. Every track is a very comfortable ride. The ability of Monroe to be the relaxed, sure, guiding force that he is cannot be overstated; it just comes naturally for some singer/songwriters and especially for him.

Sean Giovanni produced five of the six tracks (including the single “This Side Of You”—featuring guest artist Kristen Rogers, of A Thousand Horses), while engineer/producer JD Shuff produced the other. Highly recommended.

Track Listing
1. “This Side Of You” (Rick Monroe, Jason Duke, Ryan Griffin)
2. “Better” (Rick Monroe, Eric Torres, Mike Freeman)
3. “Ease On Down” (Rick Monroe, Adam Craig, Michael Howard)
4. “Gypsy Soul” (Rick Monroe)
5. “Moment Like This” (Rick Monroe, Jay Brunswick, Gary Ray)
6. “Rage On” (Rick Monroe/JD Shuff)

To preview or purchase this EP on iTunes, click here.

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