New Contemporary Blues: Bobby Messano — ‘Lemonade’

Bobby Messano — Lemonade

Label: Fishhead Records

The ninth studio album from guitarist and contemporary bluesman Bobby Messano will be released Friday, July 12th. On it, Messano proves his worth as a storyteller/songwriter as well. The album, Lemonade, is what happens when the right songs meet the right musicians, led by the right, fearless leader. That leader, in this case, must be the album’s co-producers, Bobby Messano and JoeBaby Michaels. Either they just got really lucky, or (as I suspect is the case) they know a whole lot about putting together the perfect musicians so that they sound like they are conversing, not just playing notes. Whatever the case may be, the result is a collection of songs that showcases Bobby Messano’s gifts more than satisfactorily.

Bobby Messano knows how to ignite a number with his expert guitar work, and he is only more impressive because of the strength of the songs themselves. Pay particular attention to “A Thursday in June.”  It’s a haunting song that could well speak to an entire movement these days.  Clearly, Bobby Messano is not dealing with any lemons in this bunch. When he and featured keyboardist Bob Malone take turns, things intensify brilliantly.

Lemonade is the perfect mid-summer release. Although it exudes a comfy, laidback quality, certain tracks definitely heat things up. There is a consistency throughout the tracks that will have you pressing the repeat. Even though it’s album number nine, Bobby Messano is obviously just warming up.

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